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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

gt an off tdae to study for my test tml, web programming. seriously i dunno how am i suppose to write out those codes on papers.

back still abit sore after last min carrying those cartons of mineral water. sian hope it not my slipdisc problem again. f those ppl who dont help. all those free ones just look see and go away, esp those nothing to do.

ytd papers was abit "smoking" session. realli like a anyone smoke over qns tt i din noe the exact ans. pls dont bwang it.

hot afternoon, abit no much mood to study. haix, chill out break.

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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Fri evening was such a bad one.i onli manage to reach hme at 10plus after one stupid mistake tt delay us 30mins more to reach hme. zzzzzzz

After tt rush bck, and meetup with cs,dinie,hafiz to head down to double-o to join nuz and hariz. Long queue outside double-o, and all of us took turn to head one corner to drink neat absolute vodka mango. Drank abit cos i was still hungry, didnt have my dinner z.z .

Well after some time, manage to get in and drank black label shots b4 following them to dance in the crowd. Dance dance and dance, this time the exp wasnt tt bad. Not to mention that they fail hooking up at 3-4groups of gals. LOL.
I dont realli like their music transition at times, find it weird. So ended ard 2am + and we headed for mac to grab some bites.

Guess i will onli go there once in a while.still prefer pub than club.


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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just gt back this morning from a relaxing & fun 4D3N trip @ LANGKAWI ....with my dear bro Song hua and sisters wenhui and gimling.

It was a great 4 days break from those bustling cities, internet, skyscrapers etc.
Langkawi has beautiful sceneries, clouds, skies, surrounded by greeneries.
The air was fresh but rather dry though, causing me to intake much more water than i usually do bck @ sg.

Some things to share @ langkawi to cut short the post.....tired=T:

1. MOST IMPORTANT THING....rent a CAR! (and of cos make sure u have someone who noes how to drive)

2. Most of the motels are decent. Try the Sinara Motel (we stayed there!) Location is near their town area (Kuah) and u can settle ur dinner/supper anytime just opp ur motel=). their food are gurrantee upz!!!!

3. Their map can be sucky, not to sae we gt lost at few locations. dudiao haha. rely more on the driver instinct.

4. WATER ACTIVITIES ARE MUST!!!! Para-sailing , jet ski, banana boat! (Set aside about RM200 for their activities) Located at Chenang area.

5. Shop for ur grocerries @ the supermarket "Billionaire", located behind Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall. Cheap & nice.
For those tt dont mind drinking alchol there=) GO RUSH FOR THEIR LIQUORS, freaking cheap! VODKA-RM39, JW Blue Label-RM329 and many many more!!!

6. Go-Kart!!!! haha decent tracks with great karts...what can go wrong?! yup except for gim ling tt crash xD. RM37 for 10mins.

Some of the Dining Places we visit:
i. Aristans Pizza ->Food: 8/10 Service: 9/10
Great place for pizza, the fillings are nice and cheese are awesome!

ii. Kenny Rogers ->Food: 7/10 Service: 7/10
so-so and filling. get it @ their Dolphin Beach Shoppe

iii. Tomato @ Chenang ->Food: 7/10 Service: 7/10
Great local food.

There are alot of seafood restaurant there so try ur luck on any one them=). Best if you can head to those places with kelong. FRESH to the MAX!!!!

Love their chau kuay teow, so different from singapore!
Mee mamak =)

Overall, had a great time there with the 3 of them. Loooking forward to next trip=) haha. So much easier and fun when all are in the same room=) so head for motel peeps...it might sound wrong but fear not...it's decent!


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Monday, March 15, 2010

wooozzzzie... just gt bck from KL ytd after participating a weekend Magic the gathering Grand Prix @ Kuala Lumpur!!!

before i cont, i belive some pple will have qns in their mind like: why is he still playing those trading card games, izzit it suppose to be childish game? Waste of money etc...

In fact, i had tt mindset too b4 i decided to go bck into trading games 2 years ago.
1st: Trading card games=kids=childish? DEFINITELY NOT! People from all walks of life are enjoying those games! It sets u thinking, brainstorming for new ideas to come out with a deck of cards. And not to forget, you get to win USD for big tournaments!!!!
2nd: Waste of money? hmm..not say waste but rather investment. money is not wasted if you managed them properly, buying cards that you need and not wants. apart frm it, you will get to borrow cards frm your friends/playgroup which in turns will reduce ur expense as well=)!!! haah

I went KL with my playgroup, daniu-zhaozhi-ahgoh-alvin-alex-chaolin. It was the 1st time the playgroup went for overseas competition together and certainly there was alot of fun & laughter!
Took a budget flight there which took only about 50 mins, super fast sia.
Competition took place at midvalley hotel and we came to know tt the whole hotel rooms were fully booked ==. lucky we booked early =P
Stayed at the top floor, peaceful and comfortable.

So off we played on Sat, Day 1.
Only zhaozhi manage to get into Day 2 after 8rounds swiss. Some of the remaining people's score are so close yet so far, missing entry to Day 2 by mere 1 game. Zhaozhi went up to a great spree to his 4th win of the day before falling of at round 5 (if i didnt rmb wrong), thus failed to qualify for the top8 playoff.
Nevertheless, congrats to him as he still find his way to top 25(i think =T), earning himself a gd USD$400!!!! shiok uh...

There's a shopping mall which so much like our vivo+orchard. Alot of shops and restaurants! The food there is so much affordable compare to SG.
A Macdonald's student meal in SG = A Popeye's Combo meal in MSIA !!!

Looking forward to next GP trip. going sendai if i struck toto/big sweep/4d
haha!!!!!! pray hard hahax

Now i'm shacked after waking up so early for my last day of course. gg to slp early man...bck to old place tml =)


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Thursday, February 25, 2010

been busy all this while, this week is total bwang as well.
Decided to update cos someone complain abt reading the AVATAR post all the time.

Just a quick one while waiting for the clothes to finish washing such tt i can do the laundry before i rush bck to camp to stay-in.

Great CNY so far, going ard relatives', s3, frens' house to pay a visit. Had a great gambling spree as well,though fated not to be banker for blackjack this year T-T.
This year's cny like nth much, abit sianz than past few years. dunno y just feel less happening =T

Going to KL on 13-14 mar for my first GP Tour Competition (Magic the Gatering). going with my playgroup and hopefully to aim for the tops few and get thru to 2nd day.
eager and nervous hahax

my dear bro li went back to aus liao after hanging out here in abt 2 mths,we're so gonna miss him for another 10mths hahax.

and yes...i'm 21 now. things start to change, planning for a better future. want to learn as much things as possible. learning is just so exciting=D. and...yup i realli want to go casino, using my own $, enjoy the thril of playing=).

times serious fly past so much, so many friends oRDed and here i am, with 6 mths past behind me. You could say i still have 1 1/2 years to go, so long.... but looking back, 6mths are just so damn fast=D!

k think i gtg le. at least i updated abit la uh. hahax
off to laundry. 1day to FRIDAY=)


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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Finally caught my movie i wanted to watch....

The surrounding, background was chio-ness to the max!!!!

Watched it at the cathay tdae, and get my guitar picks as well.
Exiting was a big problem. Think 2 movies ended at the same time so it was total chaotic. Have to penguined walk slowly to the escalator frm the top floor to the ground floor. Saw lots of couple around me, and started to feel abit lonely
I questioned myself, so izzit time for me to realli start putting more effort in getting a gf, cos i'm like a 20 going 21 T-T. The answer to myself is unknown, i seriously has no idea whether izzit time to get into one, or cont staying single till i get out of army and gg uni bla bla bla. I dunno..is like there are pros and cons.....
Guess I will know it when the time comes haha. At least I still have my friends, families, relatives with me. Happily and fortunately =)

Just 1 day and a few minutes to a brand new year,
so wishing all a great 2010!!!!! HUATTTTTTTTT LAAAAAAAAAA =P


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Monday, December 07, 2009

Time to update!

Just finish 2D chalet from 4-6th Dec. Had a great time catching up with one another.
Updating whats in their life now and recalling those wonderful & happening time back at West Coast RV. Yup my class is famous for everything except studies lol. we are the first, i think to start the mahjong chess which is legally played w/o the teachers knowing xP. Did crazy stuff like climbing over audtitorium rooftop over sch, and of cos we dont get caught =). Even if the teachers read this now, I'm just gonna say tt "oh well, thats just too bad=P. we are just more crafty when comes to doing illegal stuff." KIDDING~ hahax.
*Apologise to the teachers =T.

Age is realli catching up on us as we cant realli havoc like we do in the past 3years during chalet. Now sleep is more impt than just tauning all night. Cant believe we had gathering on and on even though some of us went separate ways during JC/Poly, which some of them study together once again at UNI.

Caught twilight series 2: New Moon, on the 2nd night. I will give it a score of 6/10. The movie wasnt as great as the first and seems that everything was just rushing through. TO ALL PLANNING TO WATCH, pls watch the 1st episode b4 going for New Moon, as it will help you to understand whats going on. If not everything will be like, "huh, y like this? How come he like tt? Why she...?"
So, if you're a fan of Twilight, just go catch it and read the book.

I just love this class and i hope this gathering will keep on coming even though we have our own families and etc.
I appreciate all for making an effort to come for every gathering, and those who cant make it had tried to do so.

Special credits should go to SNOW, aka TENSHI, aka HAO MAO aka mR Huang Haoteng.
He spend alot of time trying to organise each and every outing. *Applause*

Also the previous ic, jasmine, who is now tied down with hall's stuffs and studies and apparently failed to have enough of sleep everyday. She did very well before our mr SNOW took over. LOL
*hope she doesnt read this*

Sooo... i'm suppose to head to batam on 2-4th Dec with pri sch mates, but was called off due to my ignorance of my passport validity. Cos it was just nice 6mths and was rather risky to travel with tt limited passport validity. Sry guys n girls=T.
You can put the blame on me, you can put the blame on me xT

Coming week, i will be heading down to downtown east once again for mini band chalet. haha, looking forward to it. though i think i gonna get sianz of tt place soon LOL.

Having sore throat, which must be caused by tt 1.5L root beer. Feeling veri heaty now...

Off to games and surfing of net b4 bedtime=)


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